Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Megan!

My "baby" sister just turned 22, so I decided to try my hand at sewing an apron and tea towel for her. The apron was a full, reversible apron finished off with some fun ruffles and ribbons. For the decorative tea towel I cut out one of the apples from the printed fabric of the apron and appliqued it onto linen, and of course added a little fun there with the beaded trim. Okay okay, I confess! I totally got enough material to make one for myself...but Megan stole my kitchen colors, so how could I resist? ;-)

Friday, February 6, 2009

J.D.'s Blanket

I finally finished J.D.'s blanket. Since I didn't know how to knit when he was born (I just learned a year ago for my second nephew's coming), I decided to make him a blanket for his 3rd birthday in September. Then I decided to wait and give it to him for Christmas. Well, he finally just got to see his blanket last weekend (it being February and all), but I promptly had to take it back and finish it. Arg! Well, I do think it turned out nicely in the end, and he'll never be cold with how heavy it is. Can you see the paw print woven into each square? Sic 'em, Bears! I LOVE YOU, J.D.!

Another Baby Blanket...

It seems like ALL of my friends are pregnant at the same time right now. Okay, okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit, but it does take two hands for me to count how many people I know that are expecting or very recently had a baby. This particular blanket was in a very pretty mint green color, and was knit with stripes of seed stitch and stockinette stitch. I thought it turned out well, and it was so soft!

RJ's (and Daddy's) New Game

Aaron and Ruthie Jo have discovered a new game, and I'm not sure who has more fun playing it! Aaron's goal is to see how many times he and Ruthie can successfully "toss" the ball (AKA her pink birdie) without dropping it...I think they're up to 21 now. Ruthie's goal is to try and snatch the birdie in mid-air and run away as fast as she can so daddy can't get it back. Can you say HILARIOUS?!?!?!

Ruffles & Ribbons Aprons

These are some aprons that I made for my sweet friend Trish. It's the same pattern I used for my sis's birthday apron, but with some new WAY CUTE prints. I love this pattern because it's a full, reversible apron with all the frills that a girl needs and loves to have.

I love the sweet birds and houses (and color combo!) of this first apron. And the pink trim for the pockets made me drool so much I bought some extra for myself on future projects. YEAH!

All of the vintage "girly things" in this print, and the chandeliers on the coordinating print, caught my eye right away. And I LOVE the fan lace trim that I found to go on the pockets. It was the perfect compliment for the vintage feel.

Okay, so this FAB shoe print is what absolutely screamed "Trish!" at me as soon as I saw it. Put it together with the purple paisley print and I'm in heaven! Mom, I know you're jealous that Trish got the shoes...you'll just have to steal them from her. :-)