Friday, January 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

This year for Christmas I had the brilliant idea that I would make all of our Christmas presents. It worked out pretty well until the week before Christmas when I realized that I wouldn't have them all ready in time. (Thank you to my husband and the rest of my family that had to listen to my stressed out and emotional vents!...and did so with tons of encouragement and support, I might add!) BUT, my family is very gracious and waited patiently for me to finish them a couple of weeks late. Anywhoo, all the girls got scarf and hat sets - complete with pom poms and everything! Mom's was the light pink and black set, Megan's was a berry pink and lime green set, Marci's was a midnight blue and yellow set, and my mother-in-law (Sharon) got a purple set. The "big boys" (Aaron, Dad, Matt, Owen, and Michael) got "boy hats" and fingerless mitts in a nice brown/charcoal/black tweed. The "little boys" each got a froggy hat (to go with the one Matt got and loved as a little boy). Also, J.D. is getting a blanket now since I didn't know how to knit when he was born. Pics of that blanket to come soon. Well, that's pretty much it. Hope you enjoy the pics!

A quick funny story about Mom's scarf with the pink pom poms...Ruthie Jo has this pink sheep that she goes NUTS over. She will play fetch with it for hours on end if we let her. Aaron and I always give out much sooner on the game than she's ready, so she's always protesting and whining until we give in or put it away. Well, one night she was up to the endless playing, so we had to put the sheep away. But this was also the night that I was working on mom's scarf with the pink pom poms that, to a little puppy, look JUST LIKE her beloved sheep. So, she starts going into her pointer mode and whining at the pom poms trying to get us to throw them for her. She was so intent on those "sheep" that her little body was just quivering and shaking like there was an earthquake. HA!

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