Friday, January 23, 2009

Ruthie Jo's Little Black Dress with Pearls

We all know how much I adore my 3-pound puppy Ruthie Jo. She's definitely got the best personality of any dog I know. Recently I just finished her Christmas gift...a little black dress with pearls. Hey, every girl's gotta have one, right?? You can't see them incredibly well, but there are two ADORABLE ruffles (if I may say so) on the back of the dress, and a string of pearls as a necklace on the front. THANK YOU to My Savannah Cottage for the wonderful free pattern!


Katie said...

I'm bummed that I can't see the pearls, but I can definitely see the ruffles on the sides and they're way cute!! And what a good model you have!

Anonymous said...

You and I both know RJ isn't 3 lbs.

The Sharp Needle said...

I know no such thing! Her new game keeps her fit as a fiddle. ;-)