Sunday, April 3, 2011

Almost There!

Okay, this freaks me out every time I say it, but we are down to 6 weeks (or less) before this little guy gets here! Since I am definitely in the uncomfortable, late stages of pregnancy I am totally ready on one hand for him to get here. On the other hand, every time I look at my to do list and look around our house at everything I want to finish first, I feel like I can use as much time as possible before he comes.

I can happily say that the nursery is definitely coming along well! We still need to get some storage drawers for the closet to help with organizing little socks and shoes and other small items, and we are waiting on our glider to get here before we can finalize the furniture placement, but everything else is close to being finished! Thanks to my wonderful Granny, we have beautiful bumpers, sheets, and a bedskirt for the crib, and a great valance for the window! (Don't worry Granny...the curtain width was PERFECT!!!! No need to tweak it at all!)

I have to say, I LOVE the way the colors in the curtain enhance the colors in the striped fabric on the bumpers (a little hard to see through the crib slats in these pictures). Oh, and please excuse the mess on the bookcase and changing table in the pictures...organization is still a work in progress!