Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How Big is Lincoln??


April said...

Oh my! So cute! I just want to kiss him. I love your blog. Marci passed your info on to me. I LOVE the car seat cover you made for Ryan and I get compliments on it pretty much every single day! I recently had some friends from church who are interested in getting their own. I hope it is ok for me to direct them to your blog. I am so impressed that you have only been sewing again for the past few years. You are very talented. :) Love, April

The Sharp Needle said...

Hey April! I would absolutely love to hear from anyone that wants a car seat cover (or anything else) from The Sharp Needle. You can give them my email and my blog if you'd like...either is fine. I'm so glad that you are enjoying the baseball car seat cover...I must say, it was probably one of my favorites to make. :-) Hope you are doing well! Love ya, Elaina