Friday, July 29, 2011

Crisis of Confidence

To all you crafters out there, has your confidence ever taken a hit when coming across difficulties while working on a project? I recently experienced this when I was making a pillow (one that I had, consequently, made before with great success) and kept making mistakes and having to rip out seams out and redo them. As a result, my interest in sewing has suddenly decreased and I feel that I'm having a crisis of confidence.

Being the perfectionist that I am, especially when it comes to sewing and knitting projects, I have a difficult time judging when things I make actually turn out well and when they need some work. I know all the little flaws and imperfections that are in each piece, and I wonder if others can see them, and if those flaws bother them as much as they bother me.

So anyway, I'm wondering if any other crafters out there share in this crisis of confidence? What do you do to move past it? How do you judge if your projects are charming because of the little flaws that come with handmade goodies, or if they are unprofessional and need revamping?

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